For English speakers, the platform itself (please click on About, it will open up a How it Works link) and the Welcome email will hopefully be informative enough, but just in case, below are some tips:

You will be able to browse all listings without logging in, but in order to post a listing or initiate a transaction, you'll need to create a user profile and log in.

If you want to initiate a transaction, it is quite straightforward - you pick a time slot that works for you and you request it from the user who provided the listing. Once they accept, you pay with a card and they will send you their personalised link that takes you into videoconferencing. You do need a Google account to be able access the video conferencing, but you can create one for free. Once the session is over, make sure to mark it as completed on the platform - that releases the payment to the seller.

If you want to post a listing, click on the blue button on the top right hand corner of the site and it will guide you through. It will also automatically generate the bookable time slots for you. Make sure you list everything, so you can be easily found by the search function. Please then read the Welcome email very carefully for instructions on how to find out your personalised video conferencing link, which you will need to provide when a user initiates a transaction with you (you may also need to download the free Zoom software first time you use the link). Otherwise, if you already have a Zoom or Skype etc. account (or any others recommended under our vide conferencing link) feel free to use that, as generating the personalised link will take some time. You need to approve each transaction in order for the buyer's card to be charged. Put the link in that approval message. We recommend actually posting just one one listing per user - you will be responsible for your own calendar management and it is easier to block out already booked slots in just one listing versus multiple.  

In order for the transaction to go through, you will also need to provide Payment details like a bank account number that you wish to receive payments into (please note it may take Stripe a few hours to verify you and rarely they may also request additional KYC documentation). Please note that these will be net of fees, which will predominantly go to Stripe (it is impossible to forecast those precisely, so the platform will charge a fee, but it is estimated that this will be sufficient to cover all Stripe fees). Please note that you will need to be responsible for paying any due income and other taxes like VAT on the amounts received via the platform. Once the payment has been approved and taken from the client, you will receive an email from both Home-Source and Stripe, but it will take up to two weeks for Stripe to actually pay out the cash to you. 

Please note that this has mostly been designed with individual contracts / freelancers in mind and while we're working towards being able to also accept small businesses, the Stripe bank account verification currently only works for personal bank accounts.