What is it:
  • It is a marketplace where any user can post a listing for a real-time interactive video call that: 
  • Automatically generates available time slots and lets other users book them
  • Provides a personalised Google Hangouts video link to use with all calls
  • Allows users to offer multiple types of services without using multiple platforms and having to manage the calendars 

Next are some of the types of services that might be offered. But users can also request services if nobody is offering them yet

What could you hire someone to do over a video call: 
  • Tutoring you in a new skill - makeup / painting etc.
  • Keeping company for your elderly relatives
  • Working out with you - even just for encouragement
  • Advising on personal finances or fashion trends
  • Walking you through fixing your washing machine
  • Advising on how to cook a delicious meal from whatever is left in your pantry
  • Supervising digital schoolwork
  • Play a private interactive concert

These are just some of the examples we could think of, we are sure the users will come up with even more creative ideas. No adult content allowed though
We now live in times where an unprecedented number of people have been confined to their homes. Some of them have lost their jobs, some need help with everyday tasks or want to take this time as an opportunity to learn something new. Our mission is to facilitate the connection between those people. Just because someone lost their place of work should not mean they also lose their income, as their time is undoubtedly still valuable to someone.

We do not intend to profit from the platform during the epidemic and therefore have set the fee at fixed 5% which is the lowest possible to cover all estimated variable payments processing fees imposed by Stripe

Please note that you can also donate your time for free, by choosing the type "offer without online payments", but in that case there is no hour-by-hour time slot management and you have to agree the timing separately. This option is enabled to allow people to donate time to Coronavirus medical personnel and emergency responders or to test how the platform works and we hope it will not be abused.

Disclaimer: this website and the marketplace platform have been created and maintained on a voluntary basis. It is not professional yet, it is not perfect. We will keep trying to make it better, but our resources are limited and due to the epidemic we wanted to make it functional and accessible to everyone as soon as possible. We hope you'll forgive us when things don't work quite as you expected or if it's difficult to figure out how to use the platform for the first time. All feedback is welcomed.